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OROX CAD-X is a suite for the textile, apparel, furniture, automotive, aerospace, naval, technical textiles, and composites industries. It enables model digitization, intuitive and assisted design and manual or automatic nesting for marker creation and optimization.

OROX CAD-X simplifies workflows, improves quality, and accelerates time-to-market.


OROX CAD-X is a versatile CAD solution designed specifically for the fashion, technical, and furniture sectors. It empowers you to create and modify patterns, develop sizes, and seamlessly import/export models in DXF (AAMA, ASTM, AUTOCAD), HPGL, and ISO formats. Managing your models becomes a breeze, with easy workflows for creating work sheets, plotting, and printing miniatures.

Effortlessly handle multiple models and their variants with OROX CAD-X. The model library remains synchronized with the cutting software, ensuring highly efficient production processes.

With our SuperNEST automatic nester and nesting module, you can simplify your cutting preparations while minimizing waste and optimizing production. This not only brings cost benefits but also reduces the environmental impact, aligning with sustainable practices.

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